Shine A Light On Your Project Data with Power BI

Shine A Light On Your Project Data with Power BI

Learn how to quickly start using Project Online as the central source of truth for the planning and execution of your mission-critical project investments, and then utilize Power BI to shine a bright light on the myriad of data that is so often hidden in many project-driven companies.


Jeff Spencer | Senior Project Specialist | Microsoft

Drew Mery | Chief Data Analyst |Stratada

Slide deck: Stratada – Shine a Light on your Project Data With Power BI



  • The business value of Power BI + Project Online
  • Get going with Project Online in one day

Power BI for Project Data

  • Connect Power BI to your Project Online tenant
  • How to start: create a few simple visuals
  • Utilize some new features with Project data: drill through, bookmarks, Q&A
  • Advanced visuals: the art of the possible

Advanced Project Data Analysis

  • Taking data analytics to the next level – Project Online time intelligence
  • Trend and Predictive analytics
  • Wrap up

See how Stratada captures your data for historical perspective! This weekly status report example shows how you can traverse your project history

Date Tuesday, November 6, 2018
Time 12:30 pm CST - 1:30 pm CST


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