Five Steps to Business Success

The following 5 steps serve as a general overview of the process involved in delivering high quality, professional-grade service to you.  Each step is critical to the data analytics process, ensuring the ongoing success of your business, which means the success of our business.

1. FREE Consultation

Who doesn’t love free things?!  We offer a 1-hour free consultation in order to gain insight into your business requirements, data sources, and goals.  The consultation will provide us with a rough sketch of the scope of work required.  To request a free consult now, click here or message us below.

2. Data Strategy

Now that we have a good working knowledge of your business, types of data sources, and your overall goal, we will start brainstorming on the best approach to meeting your data analytics needs.  This is where we hash out the prerequisites for step 3, such as optimizing data sources, compiling key metrics, and discussing the best way to visualize your data.

3. Data Modeling

Now that we know what kind of approach we want to take, we can go about importing, cleaning, and transforming your data.  This is the necessary prep work for streamlining the report development process.  If the data is cleaned and properly modeled, then the visualization process is that much easier.

4. Report Development

Now we get to the meat of the data analytics process.  This is where we write DAX formulas that will be fed into your report visuals.  We will use data visualization best practices to ensure that your reports are easy to navigate and interpret.  We’ll choose the right visual for the desired insight.  We like to think a little outside-the-box while we’re at it, too.

5. Continued Updates

The fun doesn’t stop there.  We continually work with you to update existing reports or develop new reports as needed.  Our team will be your team, working together to ensure continued business success.

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