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Many companies use Smartsheet as it provides simple collaboration for many different needs including work management.

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Smartsheet report pack Overview

 The reports below are based on sample plans from Smartsheet: Agile Project with Gantt, Bug Tracker Board, KPI Business Dashboard, New Product Development, Project Management Dashboard, Sales Pipeline Overview and Strategic Plan Dashboard

Stratada – Smartsheet – Strategic Plan -Projects & Tasks

Smartsheet Project Tasks report

The Project Tasks report uses a bullet spectrum chart to show actual cost vs budget with defined red, yellow and green target zones for both overspend and underspend. The Stratada Timeline is used to display timing of the tasks along with task health.

Smartsheet Dashboard

The Stratada dashboard for Smartsheet shows how multiple Power BI visuals work together to tell a story.  The Stratada Timeline and Taskboard visuals are combined visuals showing sales stage and budget to actual data, as well as a donut chart calling out pending items.  Drill through from visual elements to see more details.

Stratada | Smartsheet | Power BI Dashboard
Stratada – Smartsheet – Strategic Plan Metrics

Strategic Plan Dashboard

Understanding your project pipeline from requests through delivery is enabled by this report.

sales pipeline

A sales pipeline is critical for many companies.  This report provides an overview of opportunites and progress for sales deals.

Stratada – Smartsheet – Sales Overview
Stratada – Smartsheet – Project Management Dashboard

project management dashboard

Smartsheet is often used from project management, and this dashboard utilizes the Stratada Timeline visual which is designed for that kind of data.

New Product Development Taskboard

Agile methodology and associated reports are not just for app development anymore.  Here is an example of using the Stratada Taskboard to visualize the progress of a new product development initiative. 

Stratada – Smartsheet – New Product Development -Products by Year & Status
Stratada – Smartsheet – New Product Development – Top Bottom Products

Product Sales Metrics

Utilize tabular data and graphics to see how your products compare.

Developing reports and dashboards is both an art and a science.  We put deep thought into our report packs so as to deliver a highly valuable product that is both insightful and elegant.


So what’s your data story?  We can help you tell it.

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