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Microsoft Project Operations Reports

Managing billable services projects can be a challenge without good insight into many different business metrics.  Stratada reports inlcuding our custom visuals make analysis a breeze!

OnePlan Reports

Our report pack for OnePlan has 20 different reports highlighting the diversity of work management data that OnePlan manages

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Our Consulting Services

We help companies model data and present it in Microsoft Power BI.  Our specialization in Microsoft business applications can help your company navigate the data analytics landscape, which means greater ROI.

Microsoft Project Online

We have many years of experience modeling and reporting on Project data for streamlined analysis

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

We can help you better understand your opportunities and customers through deeper analysis

Microsoft SharePoint Online

We can unlock the potential of this knowledge base and business platform

What Sets Our Reports Apart?

Data Viz Best Practices

We put a lot of thought into the color theme, flow, and content of our reports, all of which matters greatly in gaining actionable insights for improved operations.

Current Features

Updates to the Power BI Desktop occur every month with new and improved features.  We use the best of these in a strategic manner, making you work less to gain more.

Out-of-the-Box Thinking

We strive to go beyond the ordinary, utilizing creative techniques and hacks to visualize data in a new way.  Sometimes bar and line charts just aren’t enough.

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