OnePlan creates a set of solutions for work management, built on the Microsoft platform.

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OnePlan report pack Overview

The reports below are based on sample plans from OnePlan.  A large amount of important data is created and maintained by the OnePlan apps; the reports below show only a small part of that data.

Projects and epics

The Stratada Timeline shows dates, milestones and progress based on OnePlan data.

Stratada Timeline | OnePlan - Projects and Epics
Stratada | OnePlan Objectives Summary

Objectives Summary

Understanding metrics around objectives is critical to decision making.  The Stratada Timeline is used to show the timing of the objectives.

Portfolio Resources

This report shows a high level view of metrics around resources and effort.  

Stratada | OnePlan Portfolio Resources
Stratada | OnePlan Project Summary

Project Summary

Icons and tabular data along with charts tell the story of one or many projects by program.

Resource Summary

OnePlan has deep capabilites around resource management.  This report helps give you insight to overall resource utilization, availability by role, and a heatmap by resource by month to better manage your most critical assets.

Stratada | OnePlan Resource Summary
Stratada | OnePlan Tasks & Subtasks Timeline

Timeline for tasks and subtasks

The Stratada Timeline visual once again plays a role in enabling managers to see the plan and progress of their strategic initiatives.

Ideas board

The Stratada Taskboard helps visualize ideas by kanban bucket and card.

Stratada | OnePlan Ideas Board

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Developing reports and dashboards is both an art and a science.  We put deep thought into our report packs so as to deliver a highly valuable product that is both insightful and elegant.


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