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Jira is a core work management application for many businesses.  Utilize the Stratada Jira report pack, including our Taskboard and Timeline visual to gain better insight into your ongoing strategic initiatives.

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Jira Report Pack Features Overview

Jira provides a great platform for managing agile work of all kinds.  Stratada’s Power BI report pack for Jira offiers the ability for technical and non-technical stakeholders to get insight via the Stratada Program Taskboard (showing cards from one or many projects), as well as schedule insight using the Stratada Timeline.  Additionally many other related metrics are shown.

Task Board

See tasks in a Task Board layout from one or multiple projects.  Color the card header by category, use icons to show another categorization on each card, and add up to three text fields in the card body.  Drag-and-dropto change the bucket order.

Stratada | JIRA Task Board
Stratada Timeline | Jira


The Stratada Timeline custom visual is a great way to see the timing of phases or sprints, organized in various ways. Milestones show key project dates for various categories.


The issues report shows information about status, priority and other metrics.  Tracking changes to these metrics over time gives insight into trends and help predict delivery dates, quality and resource demand.

Stratada | JIRA Issues – Current State
Stratada - Python in Power BI - Jira

Advanced Analytics with Python in Power BI

Utilizing Python in Power BI opens up many new ways to analyze data.  Here we see radial bar chart, box plot, density plot, violin plot, donut chart, and stcked bar chart – all created in Python but displayed in Power BI.

Issue Distribution

Looking at issue distribution tells stakeholders a lot about the differences between projects, status, assignee and more.

Stratada | JIRA Issue Distribution
Stratada | JIRA Issue Metrics

Issue Metrics

Issue metrics gives insight into cycle time, resolution status, issues count over time and issue type.

Developing reports and dashboards is both an art and a science.  We put deep thought into our report packs so as to deliver a highly valuable product that is both insightful and elegant.


So what’s your data story?  We can help you tell it.

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