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At stratada, we value our customers and their business endeavors.  We help you strategize, visualize, and analyze.  The success of your business means the success of our business.

1. Strategize

We help you formulate and achieve data-specific goals and objectives, facilitating your competitive edge.

2. Visualize

We use Microsoft Power BI and data visualization best practices to breathe life into your data and make key metrics stand out.

3. Analyze

We help you understand and improve your business performance through advanced analytic concepts and procedures.

Our Mission

Help Businesses Analyze Their Most Important Data

Businesses are storing mounds of data.  However, how do you go about accessing, modeling, and reporting on that data in order to gain valuable insights and make better business decisions?  That’s where we come in.  We help you put your data to good use for continued business success.

A Team Of Professionals

Mike Kremer


An accomplished business strategist and data scientist, working with companies around the world to promote data-based decision making.

John-Michael Scott


For 30 years, John-Michael has contributed to the evolution, development and innovation of companies across the globe.

Drew Mery

Chief Data Analyst

A Power BI specialist and course developer, helping customers gain actionable insights through advanced analytics and data viz best practices

Your Questions

We Provide Solutions

Game Plan

What kind of data strategy should we have?


Are we meeting goals?  How can we improve?

Data Modeling

How clean is our data?  How do we need to shape it?

Data Visualization

What kind of reports do we need?  How do we make them look good?


How can we eliminate repetitive tasks?

Team Training

How do we get our team on board?  Who are the power users?

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