Stratada | Shine a Light On Your Project Data

Learn how to quickly start using Project Online as the central source of truth for the planning and execution of your mission-critical project investments, and then utilize Power BI to shine a bright light on the myriad of data that is so often hidden in many project-driven companies.


Jeff Spencer | Senior Project Specialist | Microsoft

Drew Mery | Chief Data Analyst |Stratada

Slide deck: Stratada – Shine a Light on your Project Data With Power BI



  • The business value of Power BI + Project Online
  • Get going with Project Online in one day

Power BI for Project Data

  • Connect Power BI to your Project Online tenant
  • How to start: create a few simple visuals
  • Utilize some new features with Project data: drill through, bookmarks, Q&A
  • Advanced visuals: the art of the possible

Advanced Project Data Analysis

  • Taking data analytics to the next level – Project Online time intelligence
  • Trend and Predictive analytics
  • Wrap up